Heya there. I am aniprocs, a multitalented individual with a wide range of skills and experiences that
span across different fields. With a history of working in the telecommunications industry,
customer care, marketing, and event production, i've proved to be a
hardworking, dynamic, and driven individual.

Starting from a young age, i've been working as a salesperson and computer
technician at a gaming cafe. This early start in the workforce showed a strong desire for
independence and an entrepreneurial spirit that has driven my career. After a few
years, i've joined the family business, M&A Telecommunications LTD, where i managed
three telecom shops while also pursuing a degree in Information Communication Technology.

Later on, i have worked as a Customer Care Representative and then as a support
specialist for internet services for MTN Telecommunications Company. I have then
moved on to work in marketing for M&K Telefon LTD, where i have developed my Graphic
Design and Advertising skills. Through my work, I was able to create compelling
campaigns, design websites, and compete with larger companies in the telecommunications industry.

In addition to my Telecom and Marketing Experiences, i've also worked as an
authorized person for Presse Cafe in the Bank of Cyprus HQ, where i ensured
smooth operations and high-quality customer service. Then I explored my
passion for event production and started working as a Sound and Light technician for large
concerts and events. I have also worked as a Theatrical Sound and Light Designer and Operator,
which i still do today.

As an accomplished Graphic Designer, i have created multiple websites,
advertisements, business cards, and brochures. I also have a passion for 3D Modeling and
Video production and have honed my skills in Video Editing and Visual Effects creation.
My knowledge of Social Media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok,
Twitter, and Twitch has enabled me to leverage these platforms to market my work and
reach a wider audience.

Beyond my professional career, I have an active interest in observational Astronomy
and co-founded Cyprus Astronomy Organisation as a non-profit organization. The
organization has been successful in collaborating with the government to host various
events, and through our efforts, secured an observation place for amateur astronomers in
Troodos mountains called Astropark. As the director of the organization, i am 
responsible for researching and securing places that meet astronomical and environmental
criteria and contributing to the creation of Astro-parks, Astro-camps, and Astro-villages in
collaboration with public and local authorities.

Finally, I am a passionate musician who has been playing guitar since a young age.
I enjoy Writing and Playing my own music, and my dedication to improving my skills
is a testament to my drive and passion.

Overall, i am an individual with a diverse skill set and an unwavering dedication to
my craft. My entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic have allowed me to excel in
various industries, and my passion for astronomy, music, and creative design show that
i am not afraid to pursue my interests outside of work. They are a valuable asset to any
team, and my enthusiasm and drive will undoubtedly be an asset to any project i am 
involved in.

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25 years of experience
IDA’s Advocate Network is a global community united in its efforts to protect the night from light pollution.
  • 814 Advocates
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My love for astronomy drives me to make a positive impact and I am dedicated to continuing this journey.

I hope that my efforts will inspire others to join the cause and work towards protecting our dark skies for future generations to enjoy.