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Join the Fight
Against Light Pollution with
The Dark Side of Lighting

Welcome to The Dark Side of Lighting, an educational podcast that explores light pollution and its impact.

Hosted by aniprocs, we dive into the effects of various types of light pollution on our environment, wildlife, human health, and energy consumption.

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Protecting the Night Sky

Cosmic Cadences & Nighttime Wonders
A Journey Through Music, Astronomy, and Dark Skies

Rhythms of Life

Exploring the world's beats and melodies, from ancient cultures to modern hits, regardless of language or culture.

Cosmic Connections

Exploring the mysteries and beauty of the cosmos, from galaxies and star clusters, to nebulas and planets.

Serenity in the Darkness

Advocating for preserving the beauty of the night sky and reducing light pollution. SQM and LUX data collector.

You Can Help Preserve the Night Sky

Learn about light pollution and its effects, support Dark Sky and its initiatives, reduce your own light pollution and spread the word.


Latest Tips & News
Stay Up-to-Date: Latest News and Tips on Dark Skies Preservation
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June 12, 2022

How Light Pollution Impacts Sea Turtle Nesting

Sea turtles rely on the moonlight to guide them to the ocean after hatching. Sea turtles rely on...

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May 14, 2022

Light Pollution and the Decline of Insect Populations

Insects are the foundation of many ecosystems. Insects are the foundation of many ecosystems,...

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June 19, 2022

The Benefits of Dark Skies for Energy Conservation

Dark skies are not just beneficial for stargazers and wildlife, but they can also lead to energy...

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Take Action
25 years of experience
IDA’s Advocate Network is a global community united in its efforts to protect the night from light pollution.
  • 814 Advocates
  • 203 Chapters
  • 201 Certified Places

My love for astronomy drives me to make a positive impact and I am dedicated to continuing this journey.

I hope that my efforts will inspire others to join the cause and work towards protecting our dark skies for future generations to enjoy.